Jeeps Are Everywhere!!

Aside from all the ATVs, motorbikes, and trucks, there is a huge community of Jeep owners. Jeeps are known for their capabilities on and off road. A lot of Jeep owners will tell you that “you will be able to go anywhere.”

All around Alaska there are trails made for 4×4 vehicles. So there is no doubt that going off-roading is one of the activities to do in this state. One of the hobbies I have gained from living here is working on Jeeps! When I first moved here, my Jeep had nothing on it. It was bare stock! Now, my Jeep is more than capable to withstand most obstacles offered in this state.

It only took me a month from moving here to be a part of a Jeep community. These group of Jeepers has shown me the beautiful side of Alaska since I was already dreading my decision of moving here. They are called “Jeep Punishment.” This group takes time to be involved with the community by partaking in community service and events.

I am truly blessed to be a part of a community that I call my family for showing me the full Alaska experience.


Hello! I was born and raised on a small island called Saipan for 18 years. Shortly after my high school graduation, I joined the United States Air Force. In 2016, I separated from the Air Force and moved to Denver, Colorado. In June 2017, I took a contracting job up here in Alaska. Since then, I have been living and experiencing the wonderful lifestyle of being up North!

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