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9/11 We Remember

9/11 was a time to remember. It was a time where our country had her guards down and was attacked by terrorists. Every year since September 11, 2001 we take a moment of silence to remember the tragedy that has happened. We raise our flags high and proud that this disaster did not break our strong and resilient country.

When I joined Jeep Punishment last month, July 2017, I did not know what to expect. I shortly learned that majority of the group consisted of members who were active duty, veterans, and retirees of the armed forces as well as civil forces. I was told it was a tradition to post flags up on our Jeeps as we convoy around town to remind others of what happened that day. The event was planned out and gathered as many Jeeps as possible to execute the convoy. When the convoy was over, a few of us went out to a trail to celebrate life and the enjoyment we wouldn’t have without the sacrifices of many. It had dawned on me that this was just not any off-roading group, but one who truly cares.


Hello! I was born and raised on a small island called Saipan for 18 years. Shortly after my high school graduation, I joined the United States Air Force. In 2016, I separated from the Air Force and moved to Denver, Colorado. In June 2017, I took a contracting job up here in Alaska. Since then, I have been living and experiencing the wonderful lifestyle of being up North!

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