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Alaska has been such an amazing adventure for the past two years. There are many activities to do especially during the summer, but of course it has its downfall. Living in Fairbanks, a lot of people tend to take multiple trips down to Anchorage during this time of the year to purchase certain items. The state seems a bit slow when it comes to new products. I hear a lot of people talking about Amazon and the products they’ve been purchasing. Sometimes the only option to purchase something you want or need is online.

Due to the state being so remote from the rest of the lower 48, it is sometimes treated like a whole other country. Being a Jeep enthusiast, I love to modify and work on my vehicle. This hobby does get a bit expensive especially here in Alaska. I have had to pay shipping for more than 80% of the products I have purchased for the Jeep. About 70% of those products were advertised as FREE SHIPPING to the United States. Well of course, Alaska is not included into those deals. It is quite frustrating at times especially when you need a product as soon as possible, but have a budget to follow.

Here are examples of the cost of shipping to Alaska from two companies:

Living in Alaska for a little over two years, I have found ways to save a little bit of money. Here is what you could do to receive a discount:

  • Call the company and ask if they have any discounts due to your location
  • Research some coupon codes
  • Ask for military or forum member discounts
  • Price match
  • Get the item shipped to a friend or family member from the lower 48 and ask them to ship it to you (sometimes you can save money when the item isn’t shipped from the manufacturer)
  • Ask a friend traveling to check it in through a flight

If you have any questions on specific methods I have used then do not hesitate to leave a comment! Thank you.


Hello! I was born and raised on a small island called Saipan for 18 years. Shortly after my high school graduation, I joined the United States Air Force. In 2016, I separated from the Air Force and moved to Denver, Colorado. In June 2017, I took a contracting job up here in Alaska. Since then, I have been living and experiencing the wonderful lifestyle of being up North!

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