Why Positive Affirmations Are Important


Just a reminder to anyone who needs to read this. Trust me, it’s okay to talk to yourself. I know self-judgment can be harsh. I always felt unhappy at times when I would put a lot of “SHOULDs” on myself. Have you ever felt farther from your health goals because you ate like crap? Or regretted not doing something because you “psyched” yourself out?

Positive affirmations. For some, it’s corny. Others, it’s incredibly difficult. Positive self-talk is not so much as talking yourself out of anything – it motivates us. Self-affirmations “spark change” within ourselves. They help us maintain a positive self-view and reflect on our self-worth. Positive feelings promote positive behaviors and actions (same for negative). Believe it or not, there’s science behind the effects of positive affirmations and why researchers advocate for it.

Ask the University of Michigan, Univ. of Pennsylvania, and UCLA. These affirmations produce chemicals and increases activity in our brains. “Affirmation takes advantage of our reward circuits” in our brain and can “act as a kind of emotional buffer to any painful, negative, or threatening information that follows.”

It doesn’t have to be an “I” statement. There’s a study (from UM) that indicate using your name or “you” is quite effective because it “sounds more rational, less emotional, and creates some distance” from ourselves. Ex. when I have to do a last-minute presentation or briefing.

Instead of saying, “Omg, how am I doing this!? I’m going to suck!” I’d say, “Sam, you can do this. You’ve done this a million times before.”

Check out some of my favorite affirmations I start my day with here

Feel free to save it, print it, or add to it!

So try it 💪🏽 and practice it. I’ve done this with my patients and veterans who practice it daily. Remember: When we are conscious of our attitudes towards ourselves, we can make an effort to eliminate negative thoughts, develop more self-awareness, and be mindful of surrounding ourselves with positive things from inside and out.

What positive affirmations help YOU?




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