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Food Doesn’t Have to Be Boring While You’re Camping

Jeeps plus camping =FOOD

Because why not?

My favorite part about going out in my Jeep, other than trailing, is getting food or cooking a nice meal. When you’re out there for hours on that trail, you want more than just beef jerky and protein bars.

That’s how I felt this last trip during Labor Day weekend. After 2 and a half hours of crawling over rocks, hitting mud, and avoiding trees, I was definitely ready for some real food.

Ready-made, Easy, & On-The-Go

Sure, I’ll go for some good ole hot dogs. But why not spice it up? My buddy Nate brought pre-packaged chicken, seasoning, and sliced bell peppers. Stir up that goodness on a skillet then BOOM, serve on toast or in a tortilla. Or eat it by itself! It was delicious!

Chicken Fajitas

We didn’t stop there. We roasted bratwursts, corn, and hot dogs. We’ve cooked steaks, burgers, and potatoes. We’ve cooked scrambled eggs with potatoes, cheese, and sausages to make giant breakfast burritos. The burritos worked out on taking them on the go, too. This can be all done in a single skillet, grill rack, or camp stove.

My go-to campfire meal, other than the meats, is foiled veggies. You can put small potatoes with seasoning and butter in a foil to steam although I would stir occasionally to ensure they are cooked all around. Same for veggies in a foil. Quick and easy side while you’re slapping on the meats over the fire. You can do individual foil packets so that everyone will have their own. It’s fun to customize and everyone, including picky eaters, will be happy!

Campfire-grilled corn


Another on-the-go snack while traveling or at the campsite are rolled oats. They are a healthy, sweet, and a quick option for an energy snack. It’s generally mixed with oats, peanut butter, honey, and chia seeds. These little balls are easy to pop in the mouth while on the go.

Eating well while camping is possible! Enjoy the s’mores, but if you’re worried about eating healthy always ensure you pack enough fruit and nuts to snack on. You don’t always have to settle for convenience with boxed and canned options. However, if you do canned I would do canned tuna with an easy pop off top. Mix the tuna with mayo and relish in a ziplock bag. You now have a tuna salad you can have with your bread or crackers.

Play It Safe

Enjoying a feast with your friends and family while camping can create memories and comfort. But it can also create an invite for any wildlife who are hungry and curious.

Always play it safe and pick up your trash, put out your fire with water and dirt, and properly store your food. There are products such as a bear vault, a “bear proof” way to keep bears and other animals from scrounging the campsite, where you can store your food and snacks. Otherwise, we store everything away from our tents and main camping area, or in our Jeeps.

Eating healthy, filling, and non-boring food ensures you’re at your peak whether you’re hiking, trailing, fishing, or whatever outdoor adventure you’re on when planning to camp. What are your favorite camping foods??


Hey ya’ll! I’m Mango, and I’m a Filipino American born and raised in good ‘ole North Carolina. I’m a Jeep enthusiast, dog mom, social worker, and passionate foodie (I like cooking but mostly eating and taking pictures of my food). Currently, I’m living my best life in Alaska!

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