What is a “foodie”?

You see it in hashtags and social media postings, typically with a photo of some sort of food with vibrant colors that is delicately plated.

From my own experience and from whom I have met, a foodie is simply someone who is passionate about food. It’s the idea of how it tastes, how it’s made, where it came from, how it looks, and how you share food with the world and others (typically via social media). I personally enjoy sharing food with others in person. But of course, I can’t meet everyone for lunch, right?

Yup, that’s me *hand raises emoji* I am THAT foodie that will post a picture of what I’m eating, how good it tastes, and where I’m at or how I cooked it.

I hope that this section will inspire others to maybe get off the beaten path a little and try something new. Whether it be a recipe or a dish you think you can order down the street at your local restaurant. Heck, if you’re like me (a foodie traveler) come to Alaska and try our seafood. Visit the Philippines and eat some delicious pancit noodles. Either way, I hope what you read and see leaves you craving for more.

Disclaimer: We have no culinary training experience. We are not chefs. Just people who love food and enjoy immersing into cultures. I truly believe food is what brings people together, takes us to different places (mentally and physically), and is what makes us happy (given that you have a fair diet). The food recipes you see are either from other recipe sites (whom we will give credit), from childhood upbringing, or recipes with our own twist. We may not list exact measurements. It’s really sharing what we love to eat, giving you the ingredients and guidance if you’re interested.

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