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Hey ya’ll! My real name is Samantha but friends call me Mango. I’m a Jeep enthusiast, dog mom, social worker, and passionate foodie (I like cooking but mostly eating and taking pictures of my food). I’m Filipino American but born and raised by the beaches of eastern North Carolina. I grew up in a military family so I have a soft heart for our nation’s heroes, whom I serve in my career field. I moved to Alaska in 2015 after grad school because I wanted to start my career (and life) somewhere else. My brother was also stationed there with the Army and it looked like an adventure so I thought, “Why not Alaska?!” Two suitcases and a bookbag later I moved my life up to “The Last Frontier.”

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Alaska has been quite an adventure where it has me thirsting for more. I’ve Jeep’d, hiked, and camped in some very mountainous areas of Alaska with incredible views. During our harsh winters, I’ve gone back home to North Carolina to visit and have even gone to the Philippines twice. I have a list of places I desire to explore though.

Alaska is where I adopted my German Shepherd mix pup, Ranger. It is also where I met my other half, Maestro, whom I blame for introducing me to the Jeep life. Not long after, I got my own Jeep and have been a Jeep girl, building on it ever since. It hasn’t been easy to get to where I am today. Sure I could have just stuck to nursing school (like most Filipino moms would like), get a job, get married, pay off bills, etc. But decided to go “off the beaten path”, and I don’t regret my decision at all. I am here to share life’s inspirations and tips through this blog. Despite the 7 years of writing college papers, I don’t consider myself the best blogger. Where my mind wanders is where my words flow while I’m typing (sorry, not sorry). I will share my Jeep build and all the places it takes me. I’ll share the ugly truth, fears, and doubts. But I’ll also share what came of them and how I have been able to create a life worth living… with where I’m at and who I’m with.

Life is like Jeeping – where difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. But a journey is always best when shared with others!

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Ranger, Myself, and Maestro Christmas 2018
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