Personal Development

Personal Development (or self-growth) isn’t just about learning a new set of skills because it is much more than that. It requires constant learning and is a life long process depending on what areas of your life you’d like to work on. Now as a social worker, I find joy in helping others discover their true potential and helping them get through barriers for a better life for themselves.

The goal is to seek balance. You’re establishing goals and discovering your potentials. You are working on enhancing your quality of life and creating yourself on who you want to be. So exactly when does this happen?

When you desire to become the best version of yourself.

Typically, we reach this desire when we want change or growth. It could be when a crisis occurs like getting laid off of work. It may be the relationships you have and you desire to think or communicate differently. Perhaps it’s when we just feel lost and are unfocused or distracted on where to go or what to do. It may be there’s a lack somewhere and are unable to define a purpose. Do we really want to wait for something big, like a crisis, to happen?

Just know that personal development starts when you decide to take action in creating the life you want. If you just want a happier and more confident you, start with small goals. Do some active listening with a friend who needs an ear. Go volunteer your time in the community. Take a walk. Stop procrastinating. If you’re not sure how you’re living your life, it’s time to start focusing on your self-development. In this section, I hope that you can draw inspiration from my own journey to help your own.

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